Unique Opportunity

Orthomotion presents a unique opportunity to companies who have technologies that are already CE marked to gather clinical data to enhance and speed up the FDA 510(k) clearance process whilst generating sales and income.

We are working with one of our commercial partners - Cayman Medical Travel - to enable US surgeons to use CE marked products on US patients only 90 minutes away from the US mainland in the Cayman Islands.

Governed by UK law this English speaking and safe destination allows technologies to be used and implanted that are either CE marked or FDA cleared.  This enables surgeons to have access to the very best technologies from around the world that suit the specific needs of the patient and the surgeons preferences.

This, in turn, opens up opportunities for CE marked technologies to be used on US patients by US surgeons who would not normally have access to such technologies.

Allowing manufacturers the much needed access to gain clinical data and exposure in a shorter period of time enhances the FDA clearance process.

Furthermore, once FDA clearance is granted the US surgeons operating in the Cayman Islands are already fully trained and experienced in the use of the technologies and so ready to operate and be the launch sites in the US.

One of the initial, but not limited, focuses is tissue regenerative medicine and minimally invasive surgery.  More information can be found on the Cayman Medical Travel website at http://www.caymanmedicaltravel.com

Who would be interested in this opportunity?

  • Manufacturers with CE marked technologies wishing to gain FDA 510(k) approval
  • US patients who would benefit from such technologies but do not have access to them in the US
  • Surgeons in the US who would not have access to such technologies but feel they would benefit their patients

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