Orthomotion is a distribution and third party logistics (3PL) business dedicated to expanding orthopaedic product and medical device sales opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic for each Manufacturer we work with.

Orthomotion distributes a number of orthopaedic devices in the UK, either directly or through associated companies, with an emphasis on spine, extremity and shoulder surgery. Please visit our products page where you will be able to link directly to the these exciting and in many cases unique technologies.

We provide an experienced and effective platform for US based companies to bring products to European and worldwide markets. We are able to establish full logistic services including warehousing, inventory management, shipping and invoicing for each client on a bespoke basis and as required.

The UK is an excellent gateway into Europe and an ideal place for warehousing and logistics for any US company. Due to the close trade links between the US and UK and between the UK and each member country of the European Union, lead times to get product to market can be greatly reduced.

Orthomotion is also able to assist in establishing a distribution chain across major strategic international markets outside the US, and where necessary, we are able to assist in the process of CE mark accreditation. Equally international companies can use us to plan and execute a route through the FDA clearance process allowing them to sell in the US. Following FDA approval, along with our partners, we are able to assist in developing a national US sales and distribution network including logistics, warehousing, shipping and billing, where required.

With the vast years of industry experience available in Orthomotion we can enable businesses to;

  • UK Distribution
  • Full Third Party Logistic (3PL) Services and Management
  • Build a worldwide sales and distribution network
  • Focus on developing sales and a presence in the UK market
  • Handle all CE and FDA regulatory requirements, as required, if not already in place
  • Generate significant worldwide sales and income growth
  • Realise better company, shareholder and investor returns
  • Offer the potential for an elegant investor exit strategy